Our residential products are aimed at complementing landscaping and keeping children and pets close to home. In a variety of style options including classic look aluminum, wood and chain linked fence we have the perfect fence for any residential application.

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Our Commercial & Industrial products are primarily used in high traffic areas, public facilities and large properties where aesthetics, security, and strength are most important to the property owner. We offer chain linked or aluminum commercial & industrial fence products.

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Professional installation is available for all products we offer.

P&M Fence takes great pride in the professional installation. Every job, large or small, receives the same meticulous attention to design details, installation, and service.

A professionally installed residential fence system will definitely be an attractive addition to your property. P&M Fence ensures that you receive high quality workmanship, protection and durable materials. Our products are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning homeowners, while protecting your family, your pets and your property.


Best Fence Company 

As the best fence company, P&M Fence offers guaranteed craftsmanship for all your fence installation needs. Our installers work with many materials, we can go over many style options with you to determine the best wood, vinyl, aluminum, or chain link fence.
We specialize in all types of fences creating the perfect look to protect your property. Some of our options are:


An inexpensive, lightweight option which can be shaped for any property


A sturdier, more flexible style which comes in a wide variety of colors and textures

Chain Link

The most resilient fence and is low-to-no maintenance

Pool Fence

Thе CDC reports that completely isolating а pool by using а fence can reduce the chance of a drowning by 83%


Low maintenance, durable and a very secure fence


Everlasting Fence now offers wood fence and deck restoration