About Us

P&M  Fence with multiple years of experience in the fence industry. We are a full-service fence company focusing on both residential and commercial installations. We take great pride in our customer service. We believe that each and every fence we install, will lead us to our next job because of your referral. Call us today for a free estimate.


Experience You Can Trust

P&M Fence will establish and maintain the standards, for quality products, superb craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service, by which all other fence companies will be judged. We will strive daily to maintain and embellish our reputation as the market leader. We will endeavor to be recognized for our unique ability to combine quality of design and workmanship with the desires and aspirations of our customers.

Our Promise

•We will lead the market with distinctive designs that are skillfully crafted and impeccably installed.
•We are customer driven and service oriented; each customer must feel they received a quality product at a fair price.
•We will serve our customers by honoring every commitment, adhering to schedules and producing quality products and craftsmanship
•We wisely manage our capital resources. As a company and as individuals we will wisely manage our human resources, equipment and material assets.
•We will conduct business openly and honestly with each and every perspective client, customer, vendor and employee so that everyone that interacts with our business knows they are dealing with honorable, dedicated professionals.
•Our employees are our most valuable assets. We commit to maintaining a productive work environment. We will employ men and women of character that take pride in every aspect of their job and will discharge their responsibilities honestly in accordance with company policies and procedures.
•We are a team. As individuals we relentlessly pursue excellence. As a team we relentlessly strive to improve.